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Systemic Racism & Social Justice

Teaching about Race, Systemic Racism, and Social Justice


Superintendent Shafer's Letter to Parents


2020 Curriculum Resource Guide

Link to a Google Drive with the 2020 curriculum resources from Black Lives Matter with a plethora of articles, videos, lessons, books, etc. for all ages


Early Childhood/Elementary Resources - Grades Pre K-5

This link provides parents with 60+ resources to talk to their children about racism, some of which are books, but others use household items like eggs and crayons. - Grades Pre-K- 5

This website has a multitude of resources, videos and articles to help early childhood and elementary school educators and parents with the topic of social justice.


NEA - Grades Pre-K - 5

Article for educators “Creating the Space to Talk About Race in Your School” with links to additional resources provided by the NEA. - Grades Pre-K-5

20 Minute recording on Talking Race with Young Children - Grades K-5

Distance learning activities to help you talk about Black Lives Matter as a family or classroom for students in Grades K-8



Middle/High School Resources - Grades 6-8

Distance learning activities to help you talk about Black Lives Matter as a family or classroom for students in Grades K-8 - Grades 6-8

This link provides free resources to educators ... Discussing the George Floyd Demonstrations and Riots: Focus on "Black vs. Brown" 


PBS NewsHour Extra - Grades 6-12

PBS NewsHour Extra released a lesson plan for grades 6-12 about the death of George Floyd. The plan includes a news video (that omits the footage of Floyd's death) and discussion questions about the protests, police brutality, and media literacy.


New York Times - Grades 6-12

The New York Times' Learning Network shared an article about the protests, along with discussion questions, and opened comments for students to share their opinion.


The Pulitzer Center - Grades 6-12

The Pulitzer Center partnered with the New York Times to turn the 1619 Project, a collection of essays and literary works observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery, into a curriculum for teachers of all grade levels. The curriculum includes reading guides, activities, and other resources about the history of race in America.



Resources for all grade levels - Grades K-12

This article provides parents with advice on how to help their children to learn to accept one another specific to different age bands. - Grades K-12

This link provides parents and educators with titles and summaries of books that explore the topics of race, racism and resistance that parents might want to consider reading with their children. - Pre K-12

This article provides advice and a short video on how to talk to kids about race, police, and protests. - Grades K-12

Eductors are provided with lesson plans on teaching about racism, violence, and inequality: Anti-Defamation League - K-12

Teaching About Race, Racism, and Police Violence:

Has embedded articles, PD, & classroom resources

“Related external resources” linked


Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture - K-12

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture launched an online portal called Talking About Race that's designed to help steer conversations about racism, racial identity, and the way these forces shape every aspect of society.



Grades K-12 (Spanish Translation on site)


How to Talk to Kids about Race and Racism

There’s no question: talking about race can be sensitive, and yes, even a bit messy. - Grades K-12

31 Children's books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance       



Self Education


Five points of discussion for conversations about racial injustice
By Amanda L. Giordano

This article by Amanda L. Giordano delves into five points of discussion for conversations about racial injustice.  We all must acknowledge the pain, grief, and oppression that the Black community faces and come together to address the impacts of racism.


Race and Equity Resources

The American School Counseling Association has compiled the following resources for addressing issues of systemic and institutional racism with students.


NowThis Politics

Video on Systemic Racism



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