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District Assessments

2017-2018 State Assessment Testing Calendar

State Assessment dates provided by the New Jersey Department of Education

PSAT for grades 9-11

October 11, 2017

Alternate Proficiency Assessment (APA) - Science
for grades 4, 8 & 11**


ACCESS for ELL’s for grades K-12**


Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) for grades 3-8 & 11**

April 9 – May 25, 2018

PARCC for grades 3-11

April 16 – May 25, 2018 *

NJ Biology Competency (Upon course completion)


NJASK Science for grades 4 & 8


NJASK Science (Make-up) for grades 4 & 8


TBA - To be announced by the NJ Department of Education

* Testing Window – each student will test during a five day window during this time period
** For specific student populations only


Core Beliefs

The Division of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation is responsible for coordinating and implementing student assessment throughout the district.
Our goals are to:

  • Manage federal, state, and district testing initiatives
  • Provide accurate and timely information regarding testing purposes, procedures, and results (national, state, district) to relevant school and district staff
  • Assist and advise on the development and adoption  of assessments


The Division of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation supports all levels of the organization to ensure that student achievement results are used to drive instructional decisions and improve learning opportunities for all students.




pdfInformation for Parents or Guardians Concerning State Standardized Assessments 2016-2017



Grade Level


Subject(s) Covered:

Alternative High School Assessment


An alternative assessment that provides students with the opportunity to exhibit their understanding and mastery of the HSPA skills in contexts that are familiar and related to their experiences. The AHSA content is linked to the HSPA test specifications in order to ensure that students who are certified through the AHSA process have demonstrated the same skills and competencies at comparable levels as students who passed the written HSPA test.

Language Arts, Mathematics

Alternative Proficiency Assessment

4, 8

A portfolio assessment designed to measure progress toward achieving NJ's state educational standards for those students with severe disabilities who are unable to participate in the NJASK or the HSPA. The APA is administered in each content area where the nature of the student’s disability is so severe that the student is not receiving instruction in any of the knowledge and skills measured by the general statewide assessment and the student cannot complete any of the types of questions on the assessment in the content area(s) even with accommodations and modifications.



Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learner

K - 12

Annual English language proficiency assessment to meet federal guidelines. Identifies English language proficiency which is used to identify students who may be candidates for English as a second language (ESL) and/or bilingual education services.



Dynamic Learning Maps


3 - 11

An adaptive computer-based assessment that will be administered to the one percent
of students with the most significant cognitive impairments. The assessment is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Students in grades 4, 8 and high school will also need to be administered the Alternate

Proficiency Assessment (APA) in Science using the portfolio-based assessment.

Language Arts, Mathematics

High School Proficiency Assessment



Statewide assessment used to determine student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics as specified in the NJ CCCS. First-time eleventh grade students who fail the HSPA in March of their junior year will have an opportunity to retest in October and March of their senior year.

Language Arts,

New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge

4 & 8

Statewide assessment of elementary students. Every state is mandated by federal government to administer annual standards-based assessment of all children in grades 3-8. The state must provide tests that assess critical thinking skills in three content areas: Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.


New Jersey Biology Competency Test

9 - 12

The NJBCT test was developed to replace the HSPA science test in an effort to raise academic science standards and achievement, and graduate student ready for college, careers and citizenship.

Biology course


Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

3 - 11

A computer-based assessment which measures whether students are on track in their learning at each grade level and for success after high school in college and career readiness. The assessment is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Language Arts, Mathematics


Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test


9 - 11

The College Board’s “Early Participation Program” is an initiative to support the involvement of all students in the college-going process at an earlier age while there is still time to inform instruction and learning, and increase students’ readiness for college expectations. Additionally, earlier involvement in the PSAT program will expose students to a wealth of college planning and preparation tools to get and keep them actively involved in the process.

Language Arts: Critical Reading & Writing Skills Mathematics: Problem Solving Skills

Scholastic Reading Inventory (READ 180 Placement


The SRI provides a fast and accurate way to assess student reading levels and assist the high schools with identifying struggling readers for READ 180 scheduling.

Language Arts

STAR Early Literacy

K - 1

STAR assessment data will initiate data team processes to review and analyze data in order to set effective goals for improvement and enable teachers to use STAR data to guide instructional planning.

Language Arts


1 - 12

STAR assessment data will initiate data team processes to review and analyze data in order to set effective goals for improvement and enable teachers to use STAR data to guide instructional planning.


STAR Reading

2 - 12

STAR assessment data will initiate data team processes to review and analyze data in order to set effective goals for improvement and enable teachers to use STAR data to guide instructional planning.

Language Arts

UNIT Testing

(Model Curriculum)


K - 12

The model curriculum includes all standards of the grade-level content organized into five units of study, each with targeted Student Learning Objective (SLO), intended for six weeks of instruction each.  Each unit contains the content of the grade that can be reasonably taught to proficiency in a six-week time period.  The sequence of units in the model curriculum is a purposeful sequence of the target skills for each unit in each grade or course.  The formative assessments allow for measuring student proficiency of those targeted skills as the year of instruction progresses.  Districts, schools, and/or teachers will be able to easily craft unit and lesson plans by being attentive to the precise wording of the SLO.  In addition, the unit assessments included in the model curriculum provides clarity about the level students need to reach to achieve proficiency.

Language Arts, Mathematics



Performance Matters

OLA Student Training Video (District Password Required)











Contact Us

Main phone number: (973) 321-0867

Jeron T. Campbell, Ed. L. D.

Chief Data, Accountability, and Technology Officer

Jazmin Rotger de Parra

Director of Assessment
Phone: (973)321-0373

Lovey Rogers

Administrative Secretary


Ana C. Zuñiga

Specialist of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation
Phone: (973)321-0875

Elizabeth Gonzalez-Flores

Data Management Analyst
Phone: (973)321-0868

Haifa Zahroon

Data Management Analyst
Phone: (973)321-0871

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