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Curriculum Survey

Together with you, Paterson Public Schools is committed to developing curricula that meets the needs of all students. To do that, we need your feedback. Please fill out the survey to be a part of this important process that will increase your students’ understandings and improve their academic outcomes.

Curriculum Survey for Students, Parents, and Community Members

Curriculum Survey for Staff

Five Year Curriculum Plan

The Paterson Public School district’s mission is to prepare each student for success in the college/university of their choosing.  Without rigorous, aligned curriculum our goals cannot be achieved.  As we move forward in the age of new standards and requirements it is necessary that the district’s curriculum stay current and encourage students to be life-long learners.

Paterson Public Schools aligns curriculum to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and the NJDOE Model Curriculum (where applicable).  The district strives for cohesive curriculum guides that serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ informing teachers of standards, objectives, and resources needed and providing sample lesson, unit projects, and interdisciplinary connections. 

It is our goal to continue to develop units of study based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) that include rigor, research, and application of knowledge.  Through collaborative and innovative problem-solving, our students will continue to acquire knowledge and learn skills necessary for college and the workforce.

The globalized world and the speed of information have increased the competitiveness of our economy.  Our instructional strategies are based on the encouragement of inspiration, critical thinking, and collegiality. Through the integration of complex and engaging text, our students are learning to write scholarly via academic vocabulary and support their arguments using relevant textual evidence.  Additionally, ongoing questioning and discussion from our educators lend our students toward separating fact from opinion and uncovering the truth from falsehoods. Our ultimate focuses however, are on student growth and achievement by establishing a purpose, which promotes student accountability.

Building upon skills and concepts across all disciplines and activating prior knowledge will continue to be drivers in our units of study.  Through synergy and the implementation of the Common Core, our students will become globally aware and be prepared to face challenges in a critical and collegial manner. Student leadership today will lead to productive citizens tomorrow and develop lifelong learners with a quest to innovate.


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Instructional Model 2020-2021














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Susana Peron

Deputy Superintendent

Nicole Brown

Acting Associate Chief Academic Officer
Phone: (973)321-0714


Joanna Tsimpedes

Interim Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services/Special Programs

Taina Pou

Coordinator of Academic Services/Special Programs








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